CorelDraw Graphics Suite A Intelligent Sketch Tool

Today sees the release of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017. The latest version of the Windows-only graphic design suite comes with a number of impressive updates and features, but none more so than the new LiveSketch tool. Using artificial intelligence technology, LiveSketch provides users with an entirely new way to bring vector designs to life.

LiveSketch removes the need for pen and paper, allowing creatives to sketch naturally directly within the graphics suite with a mouse or stylus. For the first time, users can free-form sketch vector curves directly on a pen-enabled device thanks to an intelligent tool that interprets and understands sketching styles, including overlapping strokes, folded lines, and even chicken scratches.
Not just a creativity boost, LiveSketch also eliminates the time-consuming task of sketching on paper, scanning, and tracing to vector by enabling you to start your designs directly on screen.

LiveSketch uses a neural network to deliver a natural vector drawing experience

VP of Global Products at Corel Gérard Métrailler told us: “We’ve come to an amazing time in graphics, particularly in terms of the powerful hardware we have access to, plus the incredible advancements we’ve seen in artificial intelligence. For the past 30 years of vector graphics creation, we’ve been shackled to this idea of graphics as math. Software developers, artists, designers – we were all constrained by the limits of the technology before us.
“Now we have an incredible opportunity to take all this power and use it to fundamentally change how a designer works. Our team looked at all the ways we could make a graphics pro’s life easier.

Simply pick up a pen, start sketching and technology disappears

Gérard MéMétrailler, Corel

“Simply saying we’re using artificial intelligence isn’t the point. It’s about taking that power to give designers a real-world way to be more creative. With LiveSketch, we’re inviting them to work in the way that they started. Simply pick up a pen, start sketching and technology disappears. It’s so natural to want to create like this, but with vectors, it’s never been possible before. Now with LiveSketch and CorelDRAW 2017, we’re giving you back the fun of being able to truly connect and go hands-on with your creativity.”
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 also comes with a number of other new and updated features, which you can see in our full review of the software – coming soon.