High on the Sapanca mountain, the natural mineral water for OSA is sourced. The water is incredibly pure; after all, Sapanca is covered in snow for five months of the year. Brand Brothers developed the packaging for OSA Mineral Water, emphasizing the product’s convenience for everyday use.
“The brand is designed, primarily, for the Arab markets, and must compete with both domestic producers and well-known international brands. The refraction of light in the clean clear water—the image that formed the basis of the composite label solutions, supported by diagonal transparent ‘window,’ and reflected typographic and shaped bottle.”
“In developing of identity agency has examined the ‘shelf’ mineral water in the target region and proposed solutions to significantly stand out from the competition and to convey the unique characteristics of the product.”
OSA’s packaging truly mimics the way crystal clear waters in a mountain stream flow, catching light and giving the bottle a sense of motion. At the top of the bottle we see an outline of the Sapanca mountain, and a diagonal line cutting through the label represents the stream of water flowing down the mountainside. A bright red lets the crisp blue and clear elements of the label and bottle to stand out.